Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Prototype Car Using Electric

Presented By Eha

Characteristic of Electric Prototype Car

  • Now only prototype
  • Made by UPM student
  • To reduce traffic busy at Putrajaya.
  • Size as Perodua Kancil car
  • Use electric energy can use till to two days
  • Use to charge 5hours to full the battery
  • Speed to 150km/h
  • Really interesting design
  • 3 tyres complete security
  • Two door and two seats
  • Price RM83500.
  • Target user : All User

Dell Alienware

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Presented by Faizura

Specification of Dell Alienware.
  • For gaming
  • Latest Technology
  • Interesting
  • 11 inch screen
  • Function as laptop
  • Processer intel i-5 to intel i-7.
  • HD power.
  • Made by  : Dell Corparation.
  • Target user :Gamer & gadjet lover
  • Price : RM 3999

Victorinox Secure Pro

Presented by Diyana

Specification Victorinox Secure Pro.

  • Sebuah pendrive moden pada masa kini.
  • 3 in 1 usage.
  • Nice design
  • Light
  • Easy to mobile everywhere
  • Have capacity 8GB to 32GB.
  • Data protection because it use fingerprint that only the owner can ascess it.
  • Target user : Businessman.
  • Price : 75 until 270 US DOLLAR.

Enoloop Portable Solar

Presented by Aini

Specification Enoloop Portable Solar.

  • One of Analog
  • Can recharge as Handphone, mp3 Player and Video Game
  • Small in size
  • Light (230 gram)
  • Can mobile to everywhere
  • Use solar energy
  • Can bring when Outdoor time
  • Made by Syarikat Sanyo Corporation Tokyo.
  • Target user : All user.

Sansa Shaker

Characteristic SANSA SHAKER.
  • MP3 player
  • Multimedia MP3
  • 1GB storage
  • USB port
  • Pink & Bluer
  • Sandisk Corporation
  • Nice looking
  • Price RM 140.
  • Target user : All User.
  • 1year Warranty

Prensented by Ain Ahmad

Saturday, August 28, 2010

NAS Technology

Presented By Najwa

Station NAS


 Capacity storage 320GB eSATA

 Can install 10 HDD in one time

Capable to control 10 camera IP

Target user : Public

Manufacturer : Synology

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

mini mili projector

mini mili projector

 Presentation by Syahrul a.k.a abg math :))

Developed by Apple
is a projector
for original iPhone only(not china iPhone)
Display up to 70 inch
price RM1200
for iPhone user
Battery lifetime 2000 Hours

Sony Ericsson VIVAZ

sony ericsson vivaz
Presentation by Along

touch screen
can surf internet by using WiFi
can do video call
have facebook@twitter application
water proof
thickness is 3.2 inch
suitable for gadget lovers and people with lots of money
ps:my mom says its not good to spend so much money on something that is not important =DD

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Aldebaran Robotic


Presentation by Amin Zafran

  • aldebaran robotic(japan)
  • Prototype Of Future Robot
  • 23 Inches High
  • Have a flexible body
  • Have 2 cameras acting as sensor and to identify objects
  • Can jump
  • Can communicate through Voice, Infrared, and WiFi
  • Have sonar sensor

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sony TDG-BR100B

Eye Glass

Characteristics of Eye Glass 3D TDGBR100B
Presented by Afiq
  • Suitable for gamers
  • Made by Sony Corporation
  • View games in 3D definition
  • Certain games ( that use 3D )
  • Suit only for PC
  • Using NViDia 3D Vision
  • RM 120 (depends on the presenter)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

LG GD910 Watch Phone

Interface ( Video Call , Voice Call , Calendar )
Watch + Handphone = LG product

Interface ( Calculator & Menu )      

 Specifications : 
Presented by Luqman
  • Touchscreen
  • 1.7 inch screen
  • Music Player
  • Bluetooth
  • Voice Recorder
  • Stainless Steel + Leather
  • Made In France
  • For entertainment 
  • RM639

    Tuesday, August 17, 2010

    USB Laser Pen

    USB Laser Pen / Pointer (MS-U10)
    Product Description
    Presented By Fareez
    USB laser pen MS-U10
    1) Capacity: 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, 1GB. 2G, 4G
    2) Compatible with USB version 1.1/2.0
    3) Used as pen and flash disk with laser light and LED light
    4) Copper housing
    5) Hot plug and plays via USB port
    6) No external power supply required
    7) Write speed: 650Kbps
    8) Read speed: 958Kbps
    9) Data retention for over 10 years
    10) Supports Win98/ME/2K/XP, Mac OS 8.6 and above

    Sunday, August 8, 2010

    Introduction of the 2nd Owner..

    Epul Studying.. huhuhu
    Assalamualaikum. Hey,The name Muhammad Saifullah but people call me Pullah or Epul but i prefer Epul.I'm the student of (PTSS) in Arau,Perlis for July 2010 session.DNS1B is my class and it's full with the crazy and happening  people.Really love this class a lot. Really trying hard to do this blog.
    So im sorry if this blog is a bit boring.
    Abe is my 'sifu' for this blog.

    Introduction of the 1'st Owner

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    My name is Syafiq Kassim.. more known as ABE.. :-) I'm from Kelantan. I was born on 16th of May 1991. Everybody keep in ur minds. I wanna big gift. Heee.. I can speak in Kelantan Language very well.. Haha.. Really love ICT.. Especially related to the networks.. That's why i took the Networking System in PTSS.. DNS1B members for July 2010 Session.. Wanna grab a chance for being an excellent student here.. Tq..

    Introduction About The Owners Of This Blog..

    Bignetworkgd stands for our goals for being an excellent networking's student. This blog was created to share some information or news about information communication technology. We are from Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Polytechnic will share any information that can consider are very useful for the readers or followers of this blog. Enjoy it .. :-p